Pets of the Week - Gia and Polly
By Animal Services
Posted on May 13, 2024, May 13, 2024

Dogs of the week

Dog of the Week – Meet Gia

This two-year old female Retriever mix is brown and white in color and weighs 42 pounds. This spirited pup has a heart full of love and energy to spare. She's a quick learner and has already mastered the art of sitting on command, showcasing her intelligence and willingness to please. Highly treat motivated, Gia is always ready for a fun training session with a tasty reward. During her photo shoot, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the yellow camera capturing her images. Every time it was lifted to capture a moment, she'd respond with an adorable play bow. While Gia is fantastic on the leash, she thrives on activity and requires ample space to burn off her boundless energy. Identified as a VIP pet due to some hair loss, Gia has been medically cleared for adoption and comes with a reduced adoption fee. Come meet Gia today and discover the joy of welcoming her into your loving home! Meet Gia at Dog Adoptions (DA) 18, her ID number is A55781294.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Polly

This four-year-old female French Bulldog mix is black, brown and white in color and weighs 29 pounds. This enchanting canine companion is ready to light up your life with her unique charm and irresistible personality! She is not a fan of our photo studio, but she certainly knows how to strike a pose when there are treats involved. Her love for snacks is evident in her delightful round figure that looks FABULOUS in a tutu! During a recent outing, Polly spotted some "dog to dog" interactions taking place. She wanted to play with each of them but waited patiently and watched them pass with eager anticipation, whining in an attempt to catch their attention. Whether strutting her stuff in a tutu or eagerly greeting new friends, Polly is sure to leave a lasting impression wherever she goes. VIP status has been achieved due to her length of time spent in the shelter, so she is available at a reduced adoption fee. Come meet Polly today and discover the magic of having her as part of your family! Polly is in Dog Adoptions (DA) 2, with ID number A55772687.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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