Parkview Addition Event Brings Total to 45 Tons of Cleanup through Neighborhood Enhancement Team Community Efforts
By Carol Weemes
Posted on April 20, 2021, April 20, 2021

A total of 90,000 pounds (45 tons) of trash and debris has been removed through Neighborhood Enhancement Team community cleanup efforts, with the most recent event held in the Parkview Addition in Arlington.

Parkview residents embody a positive spirit of community and neighborliness. Friends, families, and neighbors gathered early Saturday morning on March 27 at Parkview’s thriving community garden to begin a day of partnership with the Neighborhood Enhancement Team for some spring cleanup.

Together, 12 volunteers and 11 City of Arlington staff from Code Compliance, Police and Environmental Services removed debris from 8 homes whose residents had requested assistance, and worked with resident Martin DeRusha to construct compost and mulch bins from recycled fence panels using tools from the city’s new Tool Sharing Program.

While the Tool Sharing Program’s trailer was onsite at the event, residents checked out 19 tools including mowers, hedge clippers, rakes, and a wheelbarrow to help with the cleanup of the neighborhood. A total of 18.8 tons of trash and debris were collected by Republic Services during the event.

This friendly neighborhood was the first subdivision established in Arlington, in 1947. Many of its residents grew up in Parkview and have built a network of family, friends, and community. “What a wonderful, inspiring experience,” said Shirley Patterson, 55-year resident of Parkview. “I know the neighbors are so impressed Neighborhood Enhancement came to our community, and worked so hard, and so dedicated to helping us. We love our neighborhood.”

Five full bags of litter were picked up by Linda Ahrens, 42-year resident of Parkview. Ahrens’s knowledgeable contributions as a horticulturist, along with the green thumbs and effort of everyone involved in the garden help make it such a flourishing success.

Parkview’s garden was established in 2012 when General Motors gifted the community with $25,000. Resident Gary Ratzlaff, one of the residents dedicated to helping with maintenance of the garden said that within the wide variety of vegetation there are also peach trees donated by Parker County.

Over the years, Parkview has graciously received multiple grants, including a $21,000 award from Arlington Tomorrow Foundation. Learn more about Parkview’s Neighborhood Plan and visit Meet the Neighbors: Parkview Residents Cultivating Community Pride for more information.

How to Get Involved

E-mail us by clicking here to add your neighborhood to the community partnership schedule, or to join our volunteer list and help out at the next community event. You may also call the Action Center at 817-459-6777 for more information. Donations to the program are also welcomed.

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