Celebrate 2021 Open Data Day by Exploring City of Arlington’s New Datasets, Interactive Maps
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communication
Posted on March 04, 2021, March 04, 2021

Open Arlington

In honor of Global Open Data Day this Saturday, the City of Arlington is celebrating new additions to its Open Arlington data portal, which offers 46 downloadable datasets and numerous interactive web maps published that are free for anyone to use.

Open Data Day, which is March 6 this year, is an annual celebration that highlights the benefits of open data and encourage people to connect and build solutions to social issues in their community by using open data. The City of Arlington, which became the first city in Texas to achieve What Works Cities silver certification in 2019 and gold certification in 2020, is proud of its work to make data more consumable, reliable, and readily available for residents, departmental staff, and leadership.

Open Arlington, which launched in 2017, serves as the City’s central clearinghouse for accessing, visualizing and interacting with the City’s open data sets. Here, you can explore data related to a variety of topics, including transportation, environmental issues, neighborhood amenities and public art, and some of the socioeconomic characteristics of our community. By making data more consumable, the City aims to better connect with its residents, create efficiencies for departments and spur collaboration with the private sector, such as partnering with a web app developer who could create an interesting or useful interactive tool for customers or the community.

Some of the newest datasets include:
• Permit Applications (GIS shapefile)
• Small Cell Permits (GIS shapefile)
• Land Use Summary Acreage (table)
• Zoning District Summary Acreage (table)
• New Municipal Cases Filed (table)
• Closed and Dismissed Municipal Court Cases (table)
• Outstanding Arrest Warrants (table)

Whether you are interested in learning more about public art, hike and bike trails, public infrastructure improvements or economic development happening near you, we encourage you to explore the site to learn more about The American Dream City. As always, residents are encouraged to visit Arlington Maps Online and the Issued Permits Web Map to explore information related to individual properties as well as recent building activity.

Do you have an idea on how to improve our site? Please visit the Get Involved page to suggest new datasets, maps or other ideas related to data that you would like to see.

Click here to learn more about the City of Arlington’s Open Data Policy.

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