City Completes Voter-Approved Miriam Lane Improvements in East Arlington
By Nina Sherer, Public Works and Transportation
Posted on December 30, 2021, December 30, 2021

Miriam Lane rebuild in East Arlington

The Public Works and Transportation Department is pleased to announce that work to rebuild the infrastructure in the East Arlington neighborhood of Miriam Lane between Hillcrest Drive and Watson Road has been completed.

Click here to view a map of the project location.

Projects of this nature are part of a program that targets residential streets throughout the city that have deteriorated beyond general maintenance. In addition to replacing the asphalt roadway with 11,492 square yards of concrete for a surface with an expected useful life of 50 years, the following improvements were included in the project:

• Construction of 2,555 square yards of sidewalks

• Construction of 11 ADA compliant pedestrian ramps

• Construction of 3,175 square yards of driveway approaches

• Installation of 4,016 linear feet of sanitary sewer infrastructure

• Installation of 2,300 linear feet of water infrastructure

The City uses an annual pavement survey program to inventory the condition of all streets within the city limits. The condition of each street segment is reported as an Overall Condition Index (OCI) Rating between 0-100 based on the “ride” and “distress” of the segment. Roads with a rating lower than 50 are called “red streets” and recommended for inclusion in the department’s Capital Improvement Program. Roads with a rating between 50 and 70 are called “yellow” streets and are included in the City’s Street Maintenance Program. Upon completion of construction, this section of Miriam Lane had a revised OCI rating of 100. This is a 60-point increase from its preconstruction ratings.

Funding for this project was approved by Arlington voters as part of the $160 Street Improvements in the 2014 Bond Election. These projects align with the City Council’s priorities to Enhance Regional Mobility and Champion Great Neighborhoods.

You can learn more about active infrastructure improvement and bond funded projects approved by voters in the 2014 and 2018 Bond Elections by visiting the Street Tracker web page.

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