Military Veterans and Fish Creek Residents Remove 9 Tons of Debris During Cleanup Event
By Carol Weemes
Posted on November 11, 2020, November 11, 2020

Military Veterans and Fish Creek Residents Remove 9 Tons of Debris During Cleanup Event

Residents and community volunteers, which included many military veterans, worked tirelessly with city staff to remove 17,700 pounds of debris in the Fish Creek community at a Neighborhood Enhancement Team cleanup day on Oct. 17, 2020.

“This is really a blessing,” said Patricia Young, resident of the Fish Creek neighborhood. “I am so proud of all of these workers.” Young, recently widowed, stated her late husband had been trying to find a way to get help with cleaning their back yard. Her family worked with volunteers helping perform the cleanup.

Trees overhanging sidewalks and streets were trimmed, making passage safer for taking neighborhood walks, and in keeping with city ordinance. A clearance of 14 feet over roadways is required in Arlington, and at least seven feet over sidewalks. Arlington’s firetrucks will be better able to maneuver without damaging equipment on top of the truck.

Angel Carter, resident of Fish Creek and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, wore a T-shirt she customized representing her longtime partnership with Travis Manion Foundation and The Mission Continues also represented and volunteering at the event. “My shirt was born out of the quandary of which volunteer shirt to wear,” said Carter. “It’s always my hope that someone else may be inspired by what is going on and how much fun it looks like we’re having.”

The event was buzzing with hard work, smiles and feelings of accomplishment. It was especially wonderful seeing so many military veterans, family of veterans and family of the fallen continuing in the spirit of service, love of country and giving back to help the community.

“This event helps strengthen the community and teaches leadership for future generations and the importance of doing good and helping people,” said Samantha Horwitz, former United States Secret Service agent and DFW Chapter Leader, Travis Manion Foundation. “Our participation in this project is in honor of the life and legacy of Major Megan M.L. McClung, USMC.”

Council member Marvin Sutton, U.S. Air Force veteran, volunteered at the event along with his wife, Raquel Gair Sutton. The two are strongly committed to giving back to the community and championing great neighborhoods.

Jonathan Batten, South Arlington Lowe’s manager and U.S. Army veteran volunteered time to the effort, as well as partnering with the City of Arlington in support of the new Tool Sharing program designed to help assist with cleaning up neighborhoods. More information will be coming soon about the city’s new tool trailer and this great new program.

Arlington Police and Fire Departments assisted with the cleanup, and Environmental Services provided information about keeping neighborhoods clean at the picnic. Residents throughout the neighborhood placed items at the curb for a special pickup by Republic Services, with many residents volunteering to pick up litter in the park and assisting 13 neighbors who had requested help.

The debris removed from properties included a wide variety of items such as trash, appliances, tree limbs and some large, odd items like a batting cage net which took several volunteers and a big effort to roll it curbside for collection.

Military Veterans and Fish Creek Residents Remove 9 Tons of Debris During Cleanup Event

The cleanup event concluded with a block party at the Fish Creek Neighborhood Park with about 50 people in attendance. Grilled hot dogs, with chips and water were provided, including a generous donation of bagels from Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Greatest appreciation to everyone who participated in this phenomenal event, and extra special appreciation to all that serve and have served in our armed forces and that continue to serve by giving back at volunteer events such as these – helping neighbors and helping to champion great neighborhoods.

Interested in volunteering at an upcoming event, or partnering with the Neighborhood Enhancement Team in your Arlington neighborhood? Click here to contact the Neighborhood Enhancement Team or call 817-459-6777.  

Click here to see photos from the event.

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