Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams Issues Statement on National Protests
By Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams
Posted on June 01, 2020, June 01, 2020

Statement from Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams

Like many of you, I’ve been watching closely over the weekend as Americans gathered in protest across this nation to express pain, helplessness and frustration over the unjust death of George Floyd and many other black Americans because of police brutality and racial discrimination. I was disgusted by the officers’ actions.

To the people of color throughout our community, I know you’re hurting right now, and you’re not alone. I’ve heard from so many of you from all across Arlington and the pain is evident. Let’s continue to work together to find ways we can improve the response by law enforcement, not just in Arlington, but across the country.

Racial discrimination has no place in our society and we stand united in our support of peaceful protest for something that happens far too often in this country. However, we must do so in a nonviolent way that doesn’t cause further destruction in our communities or put people’s health and safety at risk. Through peaceful expression, we can call greater attention to the cause at hand and heal the wounds so many in our cities are experiencing.

We invite people of all backgrounds to unite and recognize the voices of black Americans crying out to be heard right now. Racism is real and local governments will play a crucial role on the road to recovery, particularly when it comes to keeping an open mind so we can mend the division and end this painful cycle. As Mayor, I promise to be a force for good and answer the call to create real change.

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic we have demonstrated that we are a kind, loving and generous community and we need to once again demonstrate that we care for each other and stand united in our mission to ensure justice for all people in our great city.

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