Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Awards Grant for Generator to Help Protect Shelter Animals and Operations
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on April 05, 2022, April 05, 2022

Crane installing generators.

Severe weather events continue to increase, and the Animal Services center was experiencing numerous power outages. No more. Arlington Tomorrow Foundation awarded a $450,000 grant to fund the installation of a generator for the shelter to provide essential power during outages to keep the animals safe, comfortable, and operations uninterrupted. 

In the U.S., billion-dollar weather and climate disastrous events have increased by 128% over the past five years when compared to 1980-2020, according to NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information*. Severe weather, from thunderstorm and tornado watches, to record setting temperature extremes in this area is eminent. 

“Arlington Tomorrow Foundation’s generous grant award is greatly appreciated,” said Brian Daugherty, director of Code Compliance Services. “It’s good to know that should we have another weather crisis that the animals will be safe and taken care of during power outages.”

Animal Services receives nearly 9,000 animals each year that will now be protected during power outages when temperatures are soaring in the summer and frigid in the winter. Power is also essential to keep refrigerators functioning that house veterinarian supplies. Shelter staff will be able to continue operations and assist the needs of the community in a safe environment. 

Severe weather often results in an increase in animals received at the shelter due to damaged homes and fences, as well as pet owners who are unable to care for fearful animals. The addition of the generator will ensure animals in the shelter’s care due to these and other circumstances are protected. 

Animal Services is eternally grateful to Arlington Tomorrow Foundation for their ongoing support and for this wonderfully generous grant award to enhance its facility and the care it provides for the animals and people it serves. 

*NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) U.S. Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters (2021). , DOI: 10.25921/stkw-7w73 

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