During its Fifteen Years of Giving, the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation is Helping Dreams Come True
By Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
Posted on December 09, 2022, December 09, 2022

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation was created with a clear mission – contribute to a Thriving Arlington. Since 2007, we have invested in the arts, our parks, and in human-service organizations across the community.

We’ve help to build museums and theaters, community centers and shelters for families in transition and animals in distress. Our grants have assisted in the expansion of programs designed to address mental health care, social-service programming, education, and food insecurity.

In 2022, we marked the fifteenth anniversary of our Foundation, young by charitable endowments standards, but a milestone nonetheless. In this first chapter of our legacy, it was our privilege to come alongside local nonprofits and City of Arlington Departments with $42 million in underwriting for more than 500 programs.

As we look to the future, the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation board continues to focus on protecting our financial assets and prioritizing our giving to ensure we will be contributing to a thriving Arlington for generations to come.

Arlington Tomorrow Foundation

Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
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