Evaluate Your Flood Risk and Take Steps to Protect Your Family and Property During Flood Awareness Week 2021
By Melissa Walker, Environmental Education Specialist
Posted on May 21, 2021, May 21, 2021

Flood Awareness Week

Flood Awareness Week is part of the City of Arlington’s effort to encourage our residents and business owners to assess their flood risk and flood preparedness.

Floods occur throughout the year; however, floods have a higher frequency during the spring and fall. Thunderstorms which produce intense rainfall or slow-moving tropical storms can cause a rapid rise of water. Flash floods can develop within minutes. Therefore, our local leaders recognize the importance of being prepared for flood emergencies. On May 18, Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams signed a proclamation declaring May 24 through May 28 as the City of Arlington’s Flood Awareness Week.

All residents should evaluate their flood risk. Residents and business owners can learn their flood risk by contacting the City of Arlington’s Stormwater Management Division. Our staff can assist in identifying a property’s flood hazard risk by providing a property’s flood hazard zone, historical flooding information, local drainage issues and other flood related data. Our staff is available to explain the natural floodplain functions and discuss protection for these areas. Contact Stormwater Management staff at 817-459-6550 for more information.

Most property insurance such as homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Because the City of Arlington participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, Flood insurance is available for all commercial and residential properties in the City. Owners of these properties are eligible for building and content coverage. Content coverage is also available to residents who rent these properties. It is important to remember that it takes 30 days for a flood policy to become effective. Purchase flood insurance by contacting your local insurance agent or visit www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program.

Being prepared for emergencies can reduce stress and anxiety during a flood event. Understand the implications of flood watches and warnings. You should also assemble an emergency supply kit, develop a communication plan and designate a meeting place in case of evacuation. Click here to visit the Arlington Fire Department's Emergency Preparedness webpage to learn more tips.

Visit www.arlingtontx.gov/floodsafety or www.floodsmart.gov for more ideas on protecting your family, home and property.

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