Fairfield East Residents Grateful for Neighborhood Enhancement Team’s Cleanup Efforts
By Carol Weemes, Code Compliance Services
Posted on May 06, 2024, May 06, 2024

Fairfield East cleanup

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) volunteers and staff worked together to assist multiple residents in the Fairfield East community with property cleanup and beautification on Saturday, April 27.

 A total of 3.55 tons of waste and debris was removed from the neighborhood, bringing the total to 153.4 tons (306,800 pounds) of cleanup from Arlington properties through NET events.

 One resident and property owner, Jorge Solis was especially appreciative. “I have had a lot of medical issues so I couldn’t clean this up,” said Solis. “What a blessing."

 A total of five properties were assisted during this event. Other residents expressed gratitude for the help, too. Since the program began, almost 100 residential properties have received assistance with property cleanup and improvement. The NET program is building partnerships, helping cleanup the community and reducing code violations.

 Volunteer Bernice Engel heard about this volunteer effort and joined NET. “I actually live in Irving and wish they had something like this,” said Engel. “This is awesome."

 Arlington Hispanic Citizen Police Academy volunteers were a huge part of the success of this event with their dedication to NET performing property cleanups and working in partnership to make Arlington neighborhoods clean and well-maintained.

 The event concluded with a celebratory block party with food and refreshments for all. David Jackson with Community Advocating for Prosperity and Opportunity (CAPO) gave away 88 free books. Melissa Walker, the city’s Environmental Educational Specialist, offered education and distributed 35 stormwater bags and 45 pairs of gloves.

 The City's tool sharing trailer was onsite providing at least a dozen tools to assist with tree trimming, mowing, minor fence repairs and more.

 Special appreciation to Arlington Hispanic Citizen Police Academy and all volunteers, residents and staff that participated in this successful event.

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 Do you or your neighborhood need assistance with property cleanup? Perhaps you would like to join with NET on an upcoming neighborhood project. Visit the Code Compliance Cares webpage for more information or how we may assist.

Fairfield East cleanup

Fairfield East cleanup

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