Pets, Preparedness and COVID-19
By Carol Weemes, Arlington Animal Services
Posted on April 17, 2020, April 17, 2020

Pet ownership preparedness 

As a responsible pet owner and good pet parent, it’s best to be prepared for any disaster, including a global pandemic.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) recommends pet owners have an emergency kit prepared “with at least two weeks’ worth of your pet’s food and any needed medications.”

Other items to think about placing in a pet emergency kit might include:

  • Copies of vaccination (most recent rabies shot, etc.) and other important documentation such as your pet’s veterinarian contact info, and pet’s microchip ID number
  • Portable food dish and water bowl
  • Extra leash, and collar
  • Favorite toy (duplicate)
  • Cozy lap size blanket
  • Treats
  • Waste pickup bags (to not only be a good neighbor, but also be in compliance with city ordinance)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a much more extensive list on its website.

Check this preparedness kit about every three to six months to ensure all ingestible items are fresh, and still within the limits of the expiration date.

If in the case you receive dreaded news of testing positive for COVID-19, it is best to let someone else care for your pet, if possible, unless your pet is your service animal. For your pet’s protection, curtail activity such as petting and hugging your furry friend. Follow the same guidelines and restrictions you would with your human family.

It is also important to wash your hands thoroughly each time you touch your pet, or your pet’s food and toys.

Hopefully you will never fall victim to having COVID-19, a tornado, flood, or any other catastrophe, but having the emergency kit will be one less thing to worry about if disaster strikes.

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