Arlington Water Utilities Replaces 5 Miles of Water Main on South Collins Street
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on December 04, 2019, December 04, 2019

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Arlington Water Utilities recently completed water infrastructure upgrades in neighborhoods just west of South Collins Street, between East Arkansas Lane and East Mayfield Road. The 2018 Water Main Replacements project involved the replacement of 25,000 feet, or about 5 miles, of 6-inch to 10-inch water main in the neighborhood. Murphy Pipeline Contractors, Inc. was the contractor on the project. Construction began in September 2018 and concluded this fall. Here is what happened during that time.

  • During the project, contractors used a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines, called “pipe bursting” that involves pulling new water main through existing pipe. This method required limited excavation, which minimizes construction time and disruption to customers. Additionally, this method is more cost effective in comparison to the typical open cut method of line replacement. Meters and meter boxes were also replaced as needed and identified.
  • The majority of water main replacements occurred just west of South Collins Street, between East Arkansas Lane and East Mayfield Road. Streets where mains were replaced included: Thomas Chapel Drive, Cumberland Court, Cavendish Drive, Sussex Drive, Durham Drive, Timberview Lane, Stone Creek Drive and several others in that area. In addition, mains were replaced along Daniel Drive, between Mayfield Road and Green Hill Drive.
  • Water mains were also replaced on Fieldstone Court, from New York Avenue to Audubon Drive, as an extension of the project.

Thank you for your patience and feedback during this important project to enhance mobility and the quality of life in our great community.

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