Whooo Knows You Can Report an Owl, Fox or Other Arlington Wildlife Sighting?
By Carol Weemes, Arlington Animal Services
Posted on July 21, 2021, July 21, 2021

Bird Reporting Map

The American Dream City is rich with an abundance of beautiful wildlife, with a website that provides information about many different species living among us. A new bird themed map is available for Arlington’s bird watchers and enthusiasts to report bird sightings.

Arlington puts technology to work with its ever-growing urban wildlife website including a recently added Vulture page along with the Bird Sightings map. Explore your neighborhood and the city to learn what varieties of wildlife have been reported on three interactive maps found here. You may be surprised.

Sightings of bobcats, coyote, fox and much more are reported through the site, along with information on what to do if you find a baby bird or injured wildlife. For those that want to let wildlife be wild, and enjoy viewing it mostly from one of Arlington’s 99 park sites spanning 4,500 acres, information is also provided to help reduce wildlife at home.

If you spot an owl, report it! Or, an alligator (yes, an alligator!), Egret, Monarch butterfly or more, report it! Simply download the Ask Arlington app, and report an Arlington wildlife sighting when you encounter one.

Almost daily, sightings of a wide variety of Arlington wildlife are logged into the city’s Urban Wildlife reporting maps through the Ask Arlington app. Animal Services Puts Technology to Work in a wildly creative way.

Put Technology To Work
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