Arlington’s TNR Program Celebrates National Feral Cat Day, Oct. 16 with Free Clinic for Arlington Cats
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on October 16, 2020, October 16, 2020

Feral cat day is every day for Crystal Steinborn, coordinator for the Animal Services trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. Cat drop-off began before daybreak at the Animal Services Center for this morning’s free clinic event for Arlington domestic and TNR feral cats made possible by grant funding from Petco Foundation.

“If coming to a clinic, it’s good to get here early,” said Steinborn. “Clinics are limited to accepting the first 20 Arlington cats.”

Each feral cat receiving the free veterinary care also gets an ear-tip – a universal symbol that a TNR cat that has received surgery and vaccination services.

“It’s wonderful how our community and the shelter are working together to help prevent overpopulation,” said Traci Penry, veterinarian technician for Animal Services. “We are so thankful for the grant that allows us to alter these cats at no charge to the community.”

Arlington’s TNR program is active and productive, not just on special clinic event days, but all during the week. Between October 5-9, a total of 15 feral cats (other than the ones attending clinic held on Oct. 9) went through the program.

"More volunteers are needed to help release the cats,” said Steinborn. “Each week, after the feral cats receive surgery and recuperate, a day later they are released back to the location where they were trapped, to their specific colony.”

Once a TNR volunteer is approved for the program, they go on a ride-along with Steinborn and are shown how to release feral cats safely back to the location they were trapped. Careful attention is placed on the return, so that the cat is returned to its familiar territory.

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