Adult Education Classes Move Online at the Arlington Public Library
By Allison Denny, Arlington Public Library
Posted on May 05, 2020, May 05, 2020

Reading group meeting held online

Even while its locations are temporarily closed, the Arlington Public Library has been supporting its adult learners. Arlington Reads has moved from in-person classes to online learning. Through online classes, students are able to continue their education and work towards achieving their dreams.

“We’ve tried to contact every student to see what resources they need now and how we can help,” says Melissa Jeffrey, Library Services Manager. The Library has moved 159 students to online learning.

Arlington Reads’ typical classes include high school equivalency (GED) test preparation, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, adult basic education, and advanced classes such as ESL for Professionals.

Many of these classes are now available online. All high school equivalency students in Arlington Reads have been enrolled in digital courses.

Arlington Reads also provided 70 additional online learning “seats” for English as a Second Language students.

Interactive video classes through Zoom are keeping students connected and engaged in their ESL, ESL for Professionals, and high school equivalency classes.

Arlington Reads, the adult education initiative of the Arlington Public Library, is an accredited program that addresses adult literacy needs throughout the community. Services are provided at no cost to the student through a partnership with the Tarrant County Adult Education and Literacy Consortium and Texas Workforce Commission.

Click here to learn more about Arlington Reads.

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