Arlington Eats: Chef, Customers Creating Menu Together at The Tipsy Oak
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 15, 2019, October 15, 2019

Come along for a mouthwatering ride and catch The American Dream City's cultural diversity and unique cuisine with Arlington Eats on MyArlingtonTV.

In this month's edition of Arlington Eats, host Andrew Tanielian visits The Tipsy Oak in Downtown Arlington's Urban Union, where the menu is created by the chef and the restaurant's customers.

"That's part of the fun" said restaurant owner Kevin von Ehrenfried. "They can have a voice in what we do, in what we deliver."

Several dishes, including the blackened salmon and seared tuna salad, all came from customer suggestions. 

von Ehrenfried says support from the Arlington community has been created a truly unique atmosphere. 

"One of the most gratifying things we see here is when you have 12 tables and eight of them all know each other, having a great time," von Ehrenfried said.

The Tipsy Oak also supports other Downtown Arlington businesses. You'll find next door neighbor Legal Draft Beer Co.'s "Smash and Grab Ale" in the fish and chips. The restaurant's barbecue sauce is made with beer from Arlington-based Division Brewing. 

"We're committed to Arlington 100 percent," von Ehrenfried said. "We'd love to do a couple other concepts right in the same area."

The Tipsy Oak also contains one of Downtown Arlington's largest patios. Click here for more information on the restaurant. 


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