Animal Services is Overflowing with Kittens this Season
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on July 08, 2021, July 08, 2021

Even with the city’s best efforts at its Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program it seems to be a bumper season for kittens this year! Animal Services staff and foster volunteers have literally had extra armfuls of lives to save.

Do you know what to do if you find a baby kitten? Many people would instantly want to pick it up and cuddle it and then wonder what to do next. Most times if you find a young or un-weaned kitten the momma cat is close by. Alley Cat Allies experts say the best thing you can do is Leave Them Be. Nothing truly replaces the care a kitten’s mom can provide.

Animal Services just published a web page on kitten education with information and links to a variety of resources on what to do if you think a kitten truly is abandoned. If orphaned, a young kitten’s life is dependent on receiving good care, and fast.

Typically, it takes about eight weeks for a kitten to be fully weaned. Click here to see Alley Cat Allies guide that helps determine the age of a kitten.

During the first few weeks of a kitten’s life, they must be fed every two to three hours. Best Friends Animal Society offers specific feeding protocols for kittens.

To be successful caring for newborn kittens, human’s must learn the mother cat’s processes with her young. Maddie’s Fund provides several informative how-to videos to help.

Caring for kittens is a commitment and Animal Services needs foster pet program participants in its Bottle Babies program. If you have a soft spot for kittens, time to help, and patience, we encourage you to be involved in this rewarding program. You could save the life or lives of kittens in need.

Unable to participate, but want to contribute to this program? Click here to submit an online donation. Supplies including formula, baby bottles and much more are always needed.

Special appreciation to all our community partners for their compassion, educational and lifesaving efforts helping our furry friends.

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