AMR Subscription Program Helps Reduce Cost of Ambulance Transports
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 10, 2023, March 10, 2023


American Medical Response (AMR) is the City of Arlington's exclusive contracted ambulance service. AMR operates as a "fee-based service" meaning no tax dollars are utilized to subsidize the service. As a result, all costs related to ambulance transports are paid by those who use the service.

Arlington EMS Ready Care, with services provided by American Medical Response (AMR), prepares you for the unexpected financial burden that can occur when you or a family member requires ambulance service. Ambulance transportation in Arlington costs an average of $1,400 for a single trip. With higher deductibles and network limitations, patients are paying more out-of-pocket than ever before. And those without insurance get the largest bill of all. As a Ready Care member, you are protected from the often large balance of a bill even after your insurance or Medicare pays their part. If insurance pays for any portion of your medically necessary transport, then the remainder of the bill is covered by your Ready Care membership. If insurance denies coverage or if you have no insurance at all, you will receive a 50% price reduction in your bill - saving you hundreds of dollars.


For as low as $60 per year, you pay no out-of-pocket cost for medically necessary ambulance transportation. You receive reduced rates for ambulance transport that is not medically necessary as well as the 50% reductions mentioned above. Family members living in your household, including full-time students up to age 26, are covered under one membership when listed on the application.

You may enroll in the AMR Ready Care program at any time (not just during the open enrollment period).

Memberships are effective for one year, from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of the following year. Annual cost of membership will be prorated after Sept. 30. Click here to read the membership agreement (you do not have to be a Ready Care Program member to utilize the ambulance service).

For questions regarding the Ready Care subscription program, please call AMR at 682-227-6055.

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