Arlington Ranked No. 10 in ‘Most Affordable Cities for Early Retirement’ List
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 17, 2018, October 17, 2018


Who doesn't want to retire early? If retiring in your 50s or early 60s is something you've always dreamed of, The American Dream City may be the place to spend your golden years.

SmartAsset recently ranked the City of Arlington in the No. 10 spot on its list of 25 Most Affordable Cities for an Early Retirement.

SmartAsset compared cities across 10 factors, looking at a combination of costs of living and quality of living factors to rank where people could retire early. With high scores for low taxes and plenty of access to healthcare, Arlington claimed SmartAsset's No. 10 spot on the list.

"When you retire early, you need to make sure you are tracking every penny to make sure you are on pace for a secure long-term retirement. By living somewhere with a low tax burden for retirees, you can save on taxes," the site states. "Arlington ranks highly because of how tax-friendly Texas is to retirees. This city also offers residents plenty of medical access to healthcare. This city ranks in the top 10 for medical facilities per 1,000 residents."

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