Love Your Library with Donations for the New Downtown Library
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on March 12, 2018, March 12, 2018


Love Your Library with book donations! As the Arlington Public Library gets closer to opening the new Downtown Library, it's time to look forward to items patrons can check out from the new building. Librarians have been carefully developing the new building's collection for years, but they also created Amazon wish lists for special items they'd love to share with the Arlington community.

Community members who'd like to enhance the new collection can click here to see and shop our lists. These books will be a valuable contribution to the community and can serve as a thoughtful memorial or gift.

Steps to Donate Books

  1. Visit the Arlington Public Library's Amazon Wish List.
  2. Choose books to Add to Cart
  3. Click on the shopping cart to proceed to checkout
  4. Choose to ship directly to the Arlington Public Library
  5. Check the "Contains Gift Items" box. In the area for a "Free Gift Note," please provide your name, telephone number or e-mail address, and what you would like it to say on a bookplate inside your donated book.

How are gifts recognized?

Donated books will receive a special bookplate inside the front cover when we receive them. To be recognized with a bookplate, make sure to check the "Contains Gift Items" box during checkout! In the area for a "Free Gift Note," please provide your name, telephone number or e-mail address, and what you would like it to say on your bookplate.

Unfortunately, the Library can't connect books to their donors without this information in the "Free Gift Note" field, so make sure to fill it out. Gifts without these details will remain anonymous.

Are these the only books going to the new Downtown Library?

No: these wishlists are a way to enhance the new Downtown Library by providing lots of copies of favorite items, but they're not the only books moving into the building. Librarians have spent the past few years carefully choosing items for the new library. These books will be available once the Downtown Library opens.

During the construction process, some items have been moved to storage but remained available for patrons to request. These books will also be moving to the Downtown Library.

There will plenty of items in the new Downtown Library: new books, classics, audiovisual materials such as DVDs, and more. Love Your Library is a great way for patrons to make their own contribution to the materials everyone can check out.

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