New Nonprofit Group Aims to Provide Support for Arlington Animal Services
By Kate McGuire
Posted on August 27, 2018, August 27, 2018


Arlington Animal Alliance is a new nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless pets brought to the Arlington Animal Services Center.

This organization aims to provide Arlington Animal Services' Moritz Wellness Clinic with needed equipment and supplies as well as to help fund community services, programs and support for the City shelter staff. Arlington Animal Alliance recently received its first donation, a $10,000 gift from Margaret and Dennis McClure.

The McClures love for animals is abundant.

Dennis McClure grew up on a dairy farm with a border collie, barn cats, and various farm animals, so caring for animals comes naturally.

"I know it is important for the shelter's small lab staff to have equipment to make their work easier and more efficient, and we want to support Arlington's efforts to care for local pets," said Dennis McClure, a retired chemist.

Margaret McClure is one of the Arlington Animal Services volunteers, and the donation honors the memory of her three dogs. McClure has always loved animals, she shared three pages of a tattered construction paper book that she wrote and illustrated at the age 7.

The Arlington Animal Alliance board treasurer, Sharan Lombardo, expressed her excitement about the privilege to be a part of the organization.

"As an Arlington Animal Services Volunteer, I see the hard work and diligence of both the shelter staff and fellow volunteers," Lombardo said. "The level of compassion and commitment to the animals is beyond compare and inspires me to want to do even more."

The Arlington Animal Alliance board of directors are Sharan Lombardo, Jennifer Pena, Vicki Niedermayer, Bill Boykin, Marcie Pierce, Brandi Compton, and Cheri Colbert.

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