Symphony Arlington’s KidsNotes Program Allows Children to Explore Music
By Yazmine Jackson
Posted on June 16, 2017, June 16, 2017

Libraries are typically thought of as quiet places. But on Thursday, June 8, the Northeast Branch Library was filled with the sounds of happy children tapping drums and playing with a violin, clarinet and trombone as part of Symphony Arlington's KidsNotes program.

Early exposure to music and the arts is crucial to developing the creative spark in youth. To this end, Symphony Arlington's KidsNotes program offers a one hour, hands-on interactive presentation to young children where they get the opportunity to hear, see, touch, and explore different aspects of classical music and the orchestra. KidsNotes is offered at area schools, libraries, and bookstores throughout the year.

Virginia Thornton was among parents whose children participated in Symphony Arlington's "instrument petting zoo."

"I have made music an important part of my kids' education," Thornton said. "I want my kids to become creators and not consumers."

According to PBS parents' website, music and art are important building blocks for children's development. Children develop skills like motor skills, language development, decision-making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness, and a significant improvement in academic performance.

"Children are like sponges. We should open up learning opportunities by giving them a new perspective through music," said Marla Boswell, Northeast Branch librarian.

Brent Buemi, a Symphony Arlington clarinetist, was among the musicians helping children explore instruments during the KidsNotes event.

"I got inspired in music when I was 10 years old from my uncle's Polka band," Buemi said. "Even at 10 that was not young enough. I wish I had started music sooner."

KidsNotes with Symphony Arlington will have two more events at Arlington library branches this summer. All ages are welcomed. Arriving 30 minutes early is strongly suggested.


10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Monday, June 19
Lake Arlington Branch Library
3311 SW Green Oaks Boulevard

10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Monday, July 10
Southwest Branch Library
4000 W. Green Oaks Boulevard

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