December Volunteer of the Month: Nannette Lombard
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 06, 2017, December 06, 2017

Nannette Lombard

Nannette Lombard has demonstrated herself to be a valuable member of the City of Arlington's volunteer program. Her determination and ability to adapt quickly has brought her a high level of respect from other volunteers and Arlington police officers.

Lombard is a dedicated volunteer who has positioned herself to help her community and work with the police department for the betterment of all residents, businesses and visitors in The American Dream City.

She stepped up to use her technical experience to handle the volunteer reports for Community Support Division, Support Operations Division and Central Investigations Divisions. The reports include volunteer hours for several units, showing the efficiency of the volunteer program within the Arlington Police Department.

Lombard, who has volunteered more than 217 hours so far this year, has continually proven herself a valued and dependable member of our team by assisting with any tasks asked of her.

Thank you for your service, Nannette Lombard!

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