Introducing the City of Arlington’s Transportation Advisory Committee
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on November 01, 2016, November 01, 2016

Do you want to know more about the City of Arlington's Transportation Advisory Committee?

Check out the video above with answers to many questions residents may have about the committee and the goals this 31-member group are trying to accomplish.

Enhancing Regional Mobility, such as championing for high-speed rail connectivity in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ranks as one the City Council's top priorities for the American Dream City.

The committee will study Arlington's transportation-related needs and present recommendations to the City Council next fall.

The Transportation Advisory Committee held its first public meeting on October 20, 2016 at Arlington City Hall and each meeting will be advertised in advance on the City's website. These meetings will include time for the public to weigh in with their thoughts on transportation.

For more information about the Transportation Advisory Committee, please visit

Enhance Regional Mobility
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