Arlington Water Utilities Department Unveils New Leak Detection Van
By Traci Peterson
Posted on December 12, 2016, December 12, 2016

 Leak Detection Van


Residents may soon spot a more recognizable Arlington Water Utilities conservation truck, thanks to a new Water is Awesome vehicle wrap.

The truck, which now features colorful pictures of Arlington Water employees and water features like Lake Arlington, is part of the water department's proactive leak detection program. The Water is Awesome campaign is a project of the Tarrant Regional Water District, which provides water to Arlington's treatment plants.

Arlington Water's conservation efforts focus on a balanced approach, with the water utility doing its part to use water efficiently and minimize unnecessary water losses. The proactive leak detection program started in 2014 and has saved several million gallons of water a year since then.

Arlington's leak detection specialist uses advances sensors and software to determine where underground main leaks are before crews start digging and to find leaks that haven't even been reported. Catching a leak early limits water loss and structural damage to roadways and other paved surfaces.

Ultimately, the proactive approach reduces unnecessary water usage, which saves residents money by reducing water purchase, treatment and overtime costs.

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