Pam Roach’s American Dream Story: Nothing Will Stop Me
By Lindsey Perkins Wade
Posted on March 13, 2015, March 13, 2015

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Pam Roach is an accomplished entrepreneur, expert executive public relations consultant and active community member. Among her involvement and accolades, she was appointed to serve on the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee Board of Directors and was recognized as Arlington 's 2009 Volunteer of the Year.

But her journey wasn't easy.

After moving to Arlington from New York at the age of 15, adapting to Texas was rough, as she was one of only five black students in her high school.

Then, she had her first child at 19. Determined to graduate college, she put herself through school, working and studying full time as a single mom.

"Living the American Dream is not letting anything stop you, " says Roach, who speaks with conviction and passion.

Besides her resolve and courage, Roach can 't talk to you about her accomplishments without conveying her gratitude to the people that help make Arlington a place where you can thrive and fulfill your dreams.

From her college professors at Tarrant County Junior College and University of Texas at Arlington that emphasized the need to relentlessly pursue excellence, to the visionary leaders with whom she worked like Pastor N.L. Robinson and attorney Frank Hill, Roach credits those around her for her ability to "think big. "

"I don 't think the American Dream means a perfect, polished life where you come from an established family, " Roach said. "It 's embodied in not letting anything stop you from pursuing what you know is your purpose."

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