On the Basketball Court, the Winning Streak Continues
By City of Arlington, TX
Posted on March 12, 2015, March 12, 2015

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For the past 16 years, Miller Elementary School has been the home of an intense rivalry between six grade students and Arlington police officers and firefighters.

That competitive spirit brought the two teams together on March 6 for an afternoon of rivalry and showmanship.

The gymnasium was packed with crowds of cheering spectators and plenty of school pride.

When it was all over, the Miller Elementary sixth graders continued their winning streak with a three-point buzzer beater in overtime.

Miller Elementary sixth grader Kennon Polk received a pass from a team mate as time ran down. He made the shot from beyond the three-point line. With a swish, the ball went into the hoop and Kennon captured the game-winning shot to put the sixth graders over the top by a final score of 41-38.

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson and Arlington Fire Assistant Chief David Stapp led the police and firefighters team who tried their best to get the city its first win in sixteen years.

"Zero wins and 16 losses in most circumstances is not a good record, but in this case I am thrilled with the outcome, "Chief Johnson said. "This game is about investing in the lives of our kids, investing in our partnership with one of our school districts, and promoting the idea that police are part of the community and that we care. "

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