Arlington Parks Offers Memorial Bench Program
By Parks And Recreation
Posted on March 21, 2015, March 21, 2015

 Memorial Bench Program

The Memorial Bench Program allows the Arlington community to commemorate a special person, or occasion, through the dedication of a park bench. The program helps enhance Arlington's parks while telling the story of our community to park visitors.

The cost of the program varies depending on the location and other details, but usually starts around $2,500. This cost includes materials and installation, foundation construction and bronze plaque. The bench and foundation style will match existing benches in the selected park. While flexible, a 50-character maximum is recommended for the 12-inch plaque's inscription.

The Process:

Determine the Park:
Contact the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department to speak with the program administrator. We can determine if the selected park is available for the program, and then schedule an appointment to meet you at the park.

Determine the Location:
During the on-site meeting, a suitable location will be determined; considering construction, maintenance, and accessibility impacts. Participants typically have a preferred location in mind and these can usually be accommodated. If you're not available to meet, we can help you select a location.

Application and Payment:
We will obtain quotes for the project and provide the cost to you. You can then submit your application form or provide e-mail confirmation that you would like to proceed and include the desired inscription for the plaque. Payment may be made by mail or phone.

Order Materials:
Once payment has been received, we will order materials and tentatively schedule the contractor for installation. We will also provide a proof of the plaque for your approval. The typical lead time on a bench is six weeks, so you could expect eight weeks for completion of the project.

As soon as the materials have been received, we will confirm the schedule with the contractor and notify you.

If you are interested in reserving a bench, please download and complete the

If you are interested in reserving a bench, please download and complete the MEMORIAL BENCH APPLICATION FORM. Call 817-459-5474 for assistance

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