Arlington: The Place That Gave Life To Kay Webb’s American Dream Story
By Lindsey Perkins Wade
Posted on March 27, 2015, March 27, 2015

 American Dream Story

When Kay Webb looks at the City of Arlington, she sees a sea of opportunities for all residents. Having moved to here in 1969, when the population was less than 50,000, she has witnessed many dreams transform into reality.

"Who would have ever thought that Arlington would be the home of General Motors, Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Rangers, AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys and the International Bowling Museum? " she says. "They are here all because our leaders had dreams and worked hard to make them come true. "

Kay and her husband bought a home and raised their two children in Arlington. She loves how safe the City is and how well Arlington ISD prepared her kids for college. Keeping in line with the Arlington theme, both graduated from UT Arlington.

In May, Kay will be starting her fourteenth year as Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau 's Director of Partnership Development & Programs, a job she finds addicting and describes as "hard work but more fun than work. "

After being a wife, mom and elementary school teacher, she is beyond thrilled to have a job she loves in the city she loves.

Besides her career and the people with whom she works, some of her favorite Arlington things include Mindy Lu 's fried pies and corn dogs & Pink Things at Six Flags.

"To have lived in the city for 45 years - seeing Arlington transform many great dreams into reality - to have had the opportunity of being a resident and raising a family in such a vibrant surrounding, finding the perfect career in tourism - it makes me very proud to call Arlington home, " Kay shares. "My dreams of a happy life have come true in Arlington. "

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