Student Has a New Twist on Helping Homeless Animals
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 30, 2013, April 30, 2013

An ingenious youth uses Dragons and Dinosaurs to Give Back to the Community

Pipe cleaner project leads to a generous donation? Who would have thought? Marcus Galvan...that's who.

Marcus Galvan is a fourth grader at Carol Holt Elementary school. One should not underestimate the genius of this young man. At nine years of age, Galvan's love of animals, talent, and entrepreneurship is earning a lot of respect, admiration, and appreciation.

Marcus's mother, Diane Galvan shared the following:

" For the last two years Marcus has been perfecting his hobby of creating animals, dinosaurs, dragons, and more from colorful pipe cleaners. About six months ago, he developed a special project because of his love of animals. He decided to sell his special creations in order to collect money for the Arlington Animal Shelter on Green Oaks. He started selling to classmates and even at the veterinarian's office where he takes his own puppies, Gully Animal Hospital. After his endeavor got off the ground, he collected $150 in donations and brought it in person on the 24th of April."

Volunteer Coordinator Cheri Colbert received the generous donation from Galvan on behalf of the Animal Services Center, and took him on a tour of the facility. Staff members were so intrigued by Galvan's clever creations that they made donations just to get one of his imaginative works of animal art.

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