Arlington Municipal Court Honored with 2013 Municipal Traffic Safety Initiative Award
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 25, 2013, April 25, 2013

The City of Arlington continues to win statewide awards for developing and implementing revolutionary initiatives. Earlier this month, the City of Arlington Municipal Court Department received the 2013 Municipal Traffic Safety Initiative Award given by the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC) and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) during its annual Traffic Safety Initiatives Conference. This year's event was held April 2-4 in Austin.

"Winning this award is an honor because it recognizes cities making outstanding contributions toward increasing traffic safety," stated the Honorable Teresa Evans, Associate Judge. All municipal courts in Texas were eligible to participate in this program.

Arlington's Municipal Court is being recognized for its DWI education presentations; child safety seat inspections; distribution of materials related to traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety at community events; the red light camera program; passage of an ordinance prohibiting the use of a wireless device while driving; and several specialized programs completed by the Police Department to enforce traffic laws. Also highlighted was the Municipal Court's success in processing and resolving a high percentage of Class C misdemeanor citations.

The application included the efforts and accomplishments of the Mayor and Council, Municipal Court, Police Department, other city departments, UTA, Arlington businesses, and individual City employees.

"In compiling the information for the award application, it was amazing to see just how many programs and projects have been implemented in Arlington to make the roadways safer," explained Evans.

The Municipal Traffic Safety Initiative Awards were dispersed based on the population of the municipality where the court operates. As a high-volume court serving a population of 150,000 or more, Arlington was selected along with Houston, El Paso and Irving.

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