Pet Therapy Provides Relief for UT Arlington Students
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 23, 2012, May 23, 2012

There's nothing like a little four-legged therapy to help during finals and if you don't believe it, just ask students at UT Arlington. Student volunteers helped coordinate the effort for their fellow classmates. Angel Aymond led the pet therapy event for final exams relief earlier this month.

Students and faculty gathered in front of the campus library as Leroy Brown of Respect A Bull, Inc. and Deacon gave therapy to those in need. Students and visitors gathered around the cordial canines for their turns at giving hugs and pats and receiving wags and affection for relief.

Lemonade and ice sticks were distributed to keep everyone cool and refreshed with music to keep everyone moving.

Golden PAWS volunteers were in attendance at this therapeutic event and sold all of their handmade treasures in just 30 minutes, collecting $100 in donations to help restock their fabric and crafting tools. This team of dedicated seniors interacted with students by also offering therapy in the form of hand crafting at this interactive event.

Students made "people chow" from cereal, powdered sugar and peanut butter and collected $74 in donations for the Golden PAWS program.

UT Arlington students do an awesome job of giving back to Arlington by volunteering four hours of their time at least once a month during the school year to the Arlington Animal Services (AAS) Center.

AAS manager Chris Huff expressed gratitude regarding the awesome job the students do helping the animal shelter. Huff said "they have deep cleaned the floors, sterilized the vet clinic, socialized cats and dogs, cleaned after movie night, etc. and words cannot express the partnership that continues to grow through the services and commitment from this group."

We hope everyone did great on their exams and that the experience of a few hours of pet therapy contributed to success!

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