Dog of the Week – Meet Smokey
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 25, 2012, October 25, 2012

Are you ready for a great walking or running partner, plus a new best friend? Meet Smokey, the Arlington Animal Services"Dog of the Week!' Smokey is a gorgeous, Terrier/Pit Bull mix, with the most stunning eyes that you will ever see! He will melt your heart in a minute! Smokey was out wandering around looking for a new family on the 10th of September, when Arlington Animal Services picked him up, and brought him to the shelter to help with his search. Just when Smokey thought he found a forever home, his new adoptive pet parents decided he was more athletic than they realized. Smokey is looking for a new owner to be a companion for long walks, or stimulating jogs. He is hoping for another chance at being matched with an owner with a similar, active lifestyle. Not only is Smokey svelte, he loves to be around people. He has been dog tested, and seems to want to play with every dog he is around. Smokey is still a young man, probably around two years old, and he weighs a fit 60 pounds - 60 pounds of pure love, that is! Smokey learned how to sit on command since he has been at the shelter, and he is a quick learner! He would probably enjoy obedience training, because he loves to please. Smokey just wants to make someone proud of him. Is that someone you? Smokey wants to be someone's exercise buddy, lap dog, best friend, and family member. He also loves to give kisses! Come out and meet this seemingly people friendly, dog friendly, intelligent, and all around great dog. Don't forget; October 2012 is Adopt-A-Dog month, and Smokey can be yours for only $50. He is in Dog Adoptions (D.A.) and his ID number is 17182240. Get ready to get to meet a super dog that seems highly affectionate and loving, happy, eager to please, willing to learn, and a fun play partner. Come out and meet Smokey today!

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