Dog of the Week – Meet Rumba
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 11, 2012, June 11, 2012

Wow, look at this gorgeous girl, Rumba! The beautiful Arlington Animal Services (AAS) "Dog of the Week!" With a larger-than-life personality and athletic ability to match, Rumba loves to be the star of the show! For her opening act, she'll treat you to her happy dance. It's so cute to see how Rumba can twirl and hop around, punctuated with a bit of wiggling, all in excitement to meet you. This is just a sampling of her agility. Rumba is an adult, female, Border Collie mix that weighs 55 pounds. She appears to be one of the most loveable dogs you will ever meet!

In addition to having good looks and being athletic, Rumba seems especially bright, too. She will quickly pick up on sit, stay, wait and down. All because she'll do just about anything for a jerky treat or tummy rub. She should be easy to teach every trick in the book. Rumba seems to be an all around outgoing, happy girl as long as she is around you, that is all she needs! She came to the AAS as a stray and is now currently looking for her forever home. Could it be yours? She sure hopes so! Come and see Rumba's dance today! She is in Dog Adoptions (D.A.) 10 and her ID number is 16330184. Rumba is waiting to dance with you!



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