Dog of the Week – Meet Mick
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 20, 2012, November 20, 2012

Are you ready to meet the happiest guy in Arlington? Here he is! Meet Mick, the Arlington Animal Services "Dog of the Week." Would you like to be greeted with a smile every time you walk in the door? Well, that is Mick's personality! He seems to always be smiling and happy and to be the most happy go lucky dog you will ever find! Mick was out strolling around when a nice citizen found him and brought him to the shelter for his own safety. Now he is putting his best paw forward and trying to show everyone what a great personality he has, in hopes that someone will make him a part of their family! Mick is an adult, male, Blue Heeler and Retriever mix who weighs 39 pounds so he should fit nicely into any family and home. Mick likes to play a great game of fetch and walks on a leash. Mick is a mix of two great breeds of dogs, and now he just needs a loving family, and his life will be complete. He also has style. Look at his unique and gorgeous coloring! He has a docked tail, so when he wags it, his whole entire behind wags with it! It is so cute - you just have to see it for yourself! Come and meet Mick today! You will not be able to resist this boy once you meet him in person! He has style, he has class, and a great personality! Just wait until you see his wonderful disposition! Mick is in Dog Adoptions (D.A.) 15, and his ID number is 17789648. Mick is just waiting to meet you and show you what a great dog he really is!

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 Meet Mick

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