City Launches Enhanced Gas Drilling Webpage on
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 02, 2012, April 02, 2012

Arlington's Community Development and Planning Department recently launched a more robust webpage on the City's official website,, about gas drilling.

During a review of the gas well program by the Planning and Zoning Commission, recommendations were made to become more transparent and make more information available to the public.

To meet these goals, an enhanced webpage was created on the gas drilling section of the City's website. The end product is an interactive set of webpages full of information in a format that is easy for residents to understand and use.

The webpage also gives site visitors the option to see the data in a way that suits them. For instance, residents can look at gas wells by operator. Then, access a plethora of information that is available on each well in an easy-to-navigate flow chart. A sample of available documents on individual wells includes issued permits, Railroad Commission information, compliance reports, and site activity.

Another way to find nearby gas wells is to search by address through the interactive map feature, which is possibly the most exciting new aspect of the gas drilling site. Not only does the map provide the location of drilling sites in close proximity to an address, it allows the user to link back to the more detailed gas well site information by operator. The map also offers additional information such as ownership as shown by the Tarrant Appraisal District and zoning.

"The map pulls up other information so you can see it in context with everything else. Compared to the static map that was there before, it is a very good feature,' said Bridgett White, assistant director for Community Development and Planning.

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