Arlington Fire Department Responds to Gas Well Incident
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 23, 2012, March 23, 2012

The Arlington Fire Department (AFD) responded to a gas well incident Friday morning at 7:44 a.m. near the Mansfield-Arlington border.

Arlington 911 received a call of a "loud noise" near a gas well site. Arlington Fire Department notified the Mansfield Fire Department (MFD) and then dispatched an engine to the gas well site, located in the area east of Debbie Lane in Mansfield.

The first units on the scene witnessed a vapor cloud coming from the gas well site. AFD established a Unified Command with MFD who began air monitoring around the site, while Arlington firefighters air monitored down wind.

AFD personnel monitored the air quality at nearby Brockett Elementary, located in the Mansfield School District, and found no readings at the school.

It was determined sand and pressure caused a hole in a pipe initially affecting a safety shutoff to not work. A backup device terminated the leak.

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