Delivering Dreams: Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Celebrates 10th Anniversary
By Susan Schrock
Posted on May 01, 2017, May 01, 2017

A decade ago, the Arlington City Council had the foresight to ensure the economic windfall associated with the natural gas drilling activity on city owned lands would benefit the community for generations to come.

In May 2007, the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation was born with the clear mission: Contribute to a thriving Arlington by supporting causes that benefit citizens and enhance the natural surroundings and lifestyle of the city. The public, permanent endowment started with a $26 million gift that has since grown exponentially, allowing it to become the largest charitable organization within Arlington. It was a bold, groundbreaking decision no other community in the Barnett Shale or the country had the courage or vision to embrace, but one that has help make dreams become reality for so many in our community.

Since its inception, the foundation has awarded 352 grants totaling more than $18 million to local charities and City Departments who work each day to make Arlington vibrant and strong through educational and recreational opportunities, arts and culture, and social services.

"Arlington, Texas is The American Dream City. All of us at the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation are proud of the decision our city made ten years ago to come alongside our great nonprofit organizations serving our community and to bestow an extraordinary gift that promises to continue giving - and delivering dreams - for future generations of Arlington citizens," said Jeff Williams, Arlington mayor and Arlington Tomorrow Foundation president.

Read more about the Foundation's work in the new Delivering Dreams report.

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