Flooding Questionnaire

This questionnaire is used to gather information to assist in determining drainage needs throughout the City. Please do not request information or a site visit using this form. If you would like to talk to a City representative, please call 817-459-6550 or submit an Ask Arlington request.


Address of property

Street Address 

Address Line 2 



ZIP Code 


Has water ever entered your home during a rain event? YES   NO 

If yes, how many times has your home flooded?

What was the last date that you flooded?

Has water ever caused damage to your property(yards, vehicles, retaining walls, etc.) during a rain event?     NO

If yes to either of the above questions, where did the water come from? (select all that apply)


 Neighbors Yard

 Creek Channel


Do you own the property? YES   NO

If yes, how many years have you owned the property? 

Are you aware of any flooding on other nearby properties?  YES   NO

If yes, what is/are the address(es)?

Additional Comments

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