City Council was provided an update on the Pedicab & Neighborhood Electric Vehicle-for-hire program on December 17th, 2019, and has directed staff to sunset the program which will be effective at the end of this current permit term in March 2020. 
We will not be accepting anymore permit applications or fees. 
If you have already submitted an permit application and fee, you will be refunded. 
A revision to the Transportation Chapter of the City Codes of Ordinances will be presented to council on January 14th, 2019 to end the program.


The Arlington City Council amended the Transportation Chapter of the City Code, allowing Pedicabs and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) to be permitted as for-hire transportation in the Entertainment District in 2014. All pedicab and NEV-for-hire operators and drivers will need to be permitted to operate.

Permitted Pedicabs and NEVs-for-hire are allowed to operate from the opening of parking lots before a Special Event, during a Special Event, to three hours after a Special Event, and only in the Entertainment District. Operation outside the Entertainment District and on days when there is no Special Event in the Entertainment District is prohibited. In addition, Pedicabs and NEVs-for-hire are prohibited from loading and unloading passengers on certain streets, unless there is a designated Vehicle-For-Hire stand posted by the City. Pedicabs and NEVs-for-hire are prohibited from traveling along Collins Street between I-30 and Division at all times.

Driver Applications

Driver's Permit applications are accepted on a continuous basis. All applications must be submitted in person or by mail to the Public Works and Transportation Department, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 101 W. Abram Street, Arlington, TX 76010.


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