APD Releases Dashboard Camera Footage, Stills from Red Kane Park Shooting Incident
By Arlington Police Department
Posted on June 18, 2024, June 18, 2024

Arlington PD News Release

The Arlington Police Department has released relevant portions of dashboard camera footage and still images from an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Sunday, June 9, 2024 at a city park in the 6500 block of S. Cooper Street.

Members of the public can view the video on the department's YouTube channel by clicking here.

Due to age restriction settings on YouTube, you may be required to sign into the site to view the video.

At approximately 10:34 that evening, officers responded to Red Kane Park to investigate a reported domestic disturbance involving a 40-year-old woman and her ex.

A male friend of the woman -- who had been with her that evening but drove separately -- called 911 and told dispatchers the woman’s ex, 42-year-old Shannon Boyd, appeared to be following her. The friend said he and the woman decided to pull off the road and ultimately turned into the parking lot at Red Kane Park. Moments later, Mr. Boyd pulled up in the parking lot and told the friend to leave. Concerned for his safety, the friend did as Mr. Boyd instructed and then called 911 as he was leaving the park.

Officers arrived at the park within four minutes. As they were pulling up to the parking lot and preparing to exit their patrol vehicles, Mr. Boyd displayed a handgun and fired three shots at the woman, striking her. Three officers then immediately engaged Mr. Boyd and fired their service weapons multiple times, striking him.

Following the shooting, officers provided first aid to Mr. Boyd and the woman until paramedics arrived.

Both were transported to area hospitals. Mr. Boyd was later pronounced deceased from his injuries. The woman is expected to survive and is currently recovering at the hospital.

No officers were injured during this incident.

Through the course of their investigation, detectives learned Mr. Boyd and the woman were previously in a long-term relationship and had separated a few months prior. The week before the shooting, the woman filed a police report in Allen, Texas after Mr. Boyd tracked her to a movie theater and allegedly assaulted her. About three hours prior to the shooting, the woman called 911 to report Mr. Boyd had shown up outside a restaurant in Arlington where she was meeting friends. She told officers Mr. Boyd threatened her, pointed a gun at her, and then left. Investigators were in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for Mr. Boyd and trying to locate him when the call from the park came in.

Detectives later found a tracking device underneath the woman’s car.

During the incident at the park, it appears Mr. Boyd fired a fourth shot. Detectives believe he may have attempted to shoot himself, but missed.

Criminal and administrative investigations into the incident remain ongoing.

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