Pets of the Week - Meet Valentino & Gabe
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Posted on June 04, 2024, June 04, 2024

Dogs of the week

Dog of the Week – Meet Valentino

This two-year-old male Boxer mix is tan and white in color and weighs 64 pounds. Valentino is a charming and affectionate dog currently available for adoption. He is brimming with excitement at the prospect of finding his forever home. Even though he is in our isolation area being treated for an upper respiratory infection (URI) (very common in a shelter environment), he can still be adopted. He is on medication that will be provided to the adopter and eagerly awaits the completion of his treatment so he can enjoy some outdoor adventures. Valentino can't wait to be your loyal companion and is ready to play as soon as he feels better. Due to his URI, VIP status has been assigned to this pooch so he can be adopted at a reduced fee. Come meet this delightful dog and see if he's the perfect addition to your family! Valentino’s location is in ISO-1, with ID number A55920017.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Gabe

This two-month-old male Doberman Pinscher mix is black and tan in color and weighs 5 pounds. Gabe is a delightful puppy eagerly waiting to be adopted. He came in with five other siblings, and now there are just three left. Look at that face and smile – his fun personality truly shines through! Like most puppies, Gabe is a bundle of joy and energy, always ready for an adventure. With his playful "puppy see, puppy do" attitude, he promises endless fun and companionship. Be prepared for this small puppy to become a good-sized dog. Gabe is excited to find his forever home where he can fill your life with love and playful antics. Are you ready to adopt Gabe and provide him with his new "furever" home? Meet Gabe at Dog Condo (DC) 2, his ID number is A56007150.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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