Pets of the Week - Meet Tyra & Ringo
By Animal Services
Posted on November 27, 2023, November 27, 2023

Pets of the week

Dog of the Week – Meet Tyra

Tyra is our chosen dog of the week. This thirteen months old female pit bull terrier mix is black and beige in color and weighs 41 pounds. While our pet of the week selection may not make it down the "catwalk", she is beautiful inside. This playful choice will probably show you love unconditionally while keeping you entertained with her antics. Recently, Tyra was one of the selections to participate in the Doggie Day Out program that is new at the shelter. She was able to get out of the shelter and enjoy some quality time with a volunteer off premise. It is noted that she loves belly rubs and to have her ears rubbed. When she arrived at the shelter, Tyra was diagnosed with demodex mange, but, she has responded well to our veterinary care and is regaining her missing fur. Since she has been in the shelter for over a month, Tyra has gained our VIP designation, making her available for a reduced adoption fee. Come check out Tyra and her SMIZE (smile with her eyes) and adopt her to share your Thanksgiving holidays! Meet Tyra at Dog Adoption (DA) 23, her ID number is A54611091.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Ringo

Ringo is our second chosen dog of the week. This thirteen months old male Labrador retriever mix is tan and white in color and weighs 42 pounds. The other "Ringo" we are familiar with has written some songs that can be aptly used in this canine's bio. Our canine selection would say "Don't Pass Me By" when you are looking for your next furry companion. While Ringo is considered "hyper", he just needs opportunities to burn off that excess energy which is best accomplished with a new pet guardian. He's ready to "Walk With You" (or maybe run) on those walks around your neighborhood. Structured training classes might be useful in helping channel Ringo's energies. As a VIP shelter resident, Ringo can be adopted for a reduced adoption fee. After having been in the shelter for over a month If you would provide "Wings" for him by adopting, he could feel "Free As a Bird". He would certainly give thanks if you would adopt him this week in time for Thanksgiving. Meet Ringo at Dog Adoption (DH) 105, his ID number is A54636345.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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