Arlington Eats: Serving Up Good Vibes at Cup O’ Vibes
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Posted on March 16, 2023, March 16, 2023

Arlington Eats host Jeremy Thomas found that one of Arlington’s newest coffee shops, Cup O’ Vibes, passes the vibe check with its efforts to brew up community spirit.

“Cup O’ Vibes is a community-based coffee shop,” said owner Charletra Sharp. “We take pride in providing Southern Hospitality. Our mantra is ‘Brewing Community, Serving Culture.’ We’re really intentional about creating a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home.”

Cup O’ Vibes opened its doors last October. Sharp, an Arlington native, calls her customers her neighbors. 

“The menu, it changes regularly,” Sharp said. “It’s really in response to what the neighbors communicate. We do have some signatures have become very popular.”

One of the best-selling signature drinks is the Odom 97. It’s a mocha hazelnut and Irish cream drink named after beloved community leader Elzie Odom, whose legacy includes serving as Arlington’s first minority mayor from 1997 to 2003.

“We added that on the menu after he tasted it and approved,” Sharp said.

There’s the popular Pistachio Latte, the Spice Mango Latte inspired by Mango Lassi, and the Agg-spresso.

“We knew that there was not one drink that could really reflect that palate or diversity of Arlington residents,” Sharp said. “So, the Agg-spresso is an espresso-based drink to where you get to choose your own spice and sweet.”

Customization with quick bites of food, their house refreshers and a variety of Chai tees.

“Peach Cobbler Chai is very popular, as well as, your traditional chai,” she said. “And then we have one called the Perfect Verse, as well.” 

Even with these items, Sharp says they are more than just another coffee shop. She says they are here for your needs as she gives back to her hometown right here in The American Dream City. 

“We’re a place where we build community,” Sharp said. “We’re used for meetings, birthday gatherings, worship events here, book signings and more. I live not far from here. I grew up in this area and we just have never had a place in the community that felt like community staple that is welcome for all and that your family could come.”

Cup O' Vibes is located at 800 E. Sublett Road, Ste. 170. For operating hours and more information, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Cup O’ Vibes is located at 800 E Sublett Rd, Ste 170 in Arlington

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