City of Arlington Recruiting Lifeguards for Summer Swim Season Starting at $15/Hour
By Arlington Parks & Recreation
Posted on February 22, 2023, February 22, 2023

City of Arlington lifeguards

Arlington Parks and Recreation is “diving into” recruiting lifeguards for the summer with the goal of maximizing operating hours at all city aquatics facilities in summer 2023.

Lifeguard staffing deficits have occurred across the country; as a result, the need for guards caused Arlington Parks and Recreation to experience significant challenges in hiring aquatics staff to support outdoor pools during the summer of 2022. This shortage resulted in reduced operating hours at three of the City’s five outdoor pools by nearly 50%. These reductions were needed to comply with safety standards. The department needs approximately 120 seasonal employees, ranging from pool managers, lifeguards, water safety instructors and cashiers to operate all facilities.

 “Our intent is to be fully staffed and operational so that we can provide a much-needed aquatics experience for the community,” said City of Arlington Aquatics Manager Courtni Anderson. “We know that our community pools play an important role in the quality of life for our residents, especially during our hot Texas months. We are thinking outside the box with staff recruitment and ensuring that we are going the distance to provide safe and fun pools all summer long.”

 To help fill these important positions, Arlington has:

  •  Increased starting pay for lifeguards to $15 an hour
  •  Increased starting pay for cashiers to $10.50 an hour
  •  Provides cost of training and certifications
  •  Provides cost of all uniforms and equipment

 If you can swim, Arlington Parks and Recreation will train you to become a lifeguard!

 Lifeguard Requirements:

  •  Must be age 15 and over
  •  Swim 300 yards non-stop; this is not a timed swim
  •  Tread water for two minutes
  •  Retrieve a 10-pound brick from 12-foot-deep well. Return to the surface and swim 20 yards back to the starting point

 Being a lifeguard is more than just a summer job. Lifeguards play a valuable role in our community, and the skills learned on the job are life-changing and resume-boosting. Leadership, conflict resolution, communication and decision-making are just a few skills you learn while lifeguarding. It is also a fun environment where you create lifelong friendships and memories. Additionally, lifeguarding can open the door for a long and rewarding career in the parks and recreation industry, and local government.

Many City of Arlington Parks and Recreation employees began their careers in public service as part-time or seasonal employees.

 Click here to visit the Parks & Recreation Seasonal Positions webpage to apply online.

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