Volunteers and Community Teamwork Results in 7.5 Tons of Debris Removal from Turf Club Estates
By Carol Weemes, Code Compliance Services
Posted on November 10, 2022, November 10, 2022

Volunteers at work

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning on Oct. 22 when over 75 volunteers and community partners united to join the Neighborhood Enhancement Team, and 7.5 tons (15,000 pounds) of trash and debris was removed from Turf Club Estates.

Since December 2019, Code Compliance has partnered with 19 neighborhoods encompassing all City Council districts creating bonds with a base of volunteers, service organizations, and faith-based groups. Kindness is spreading across America’s Dream City as neighbors are helping neighbors.

Community cleanup events by the Neighborhood Enhancement Team have yielded 127.2 tons (254,000 pounds) of trash/debris removal from residential neighborhoods.

“This is an excellent program – something for the people and giving back to the people,” said Cindy Solis, a resident on Polo Club Drive. “We appreciate it so much.”

A total of 10 Turf Club residences requested cleanup assistance from the team. For some residents, help received is described as a blessing and positively life changing.

Residents that accept assistance sometimes initially express disbelief that code compliance is there to help. Backyards hidden from sight may have been unkept, piled with lumber, tree waste, and a multitude of other things for a long time – and when a resident is willing to accept help cleaning it up, it is a win for the resident and the health and safety of the neighborhood.

A webpage dedicated to providing residents information about resources to help such as free graffiti removal, free use of tools for property cleanup and maintenance, home repairs and more is at https://arlingtontx.gov/codecompliancecares.

The tool sharing trailer was featured at the Turf Club event, filled with tools and equipment to assist volunteers with the cleanup. A total of 25 items were checked out for the team to mow lawns, trim low-hanging tree limbs over the streets to ensure safe passage of tall vehicles such as fire trucks, and many other actions achieving a cleaner, safer, more beautiful neighborhood.

The event concluded with a neighborhood block party with food, free giveaways, games and an opportunity for neighbors to talk with city staff to learn more about resources and opportunities to help the community.

The Retired Librarian, David Jackson with Community Advocating for Prosperity and Opportunity (CAPO) handed out 40 free books to those in attendance.

Melissa Walker, the city’s Environmental Education Specialist, gave away 30 auto trash bags filled with brochures, grease lids, waterproof cell phone pouches, first aid kits and pens. Walker also gave away about 45 sets of work gloves.

Special appreciation to Leadership Arlington, Junior League of Arlington, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Arlington Clergy (ACAPP), CAPO and everyone that participated in the Turf Club community cleanup!

View photos from the event.

Does your neighborhood need a cleanup? Do you know someone who wants and needs assistance with cleanup of their property? Would you like to join the Neighborhood Enhancement Team to help? Let us know! Get involved. Contact us at [email protected] or through the Action Center at 817-459-6777. Join the team and let’s champion great neighborhoods together!

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