Arlington Eats: Bay34th Street Brings a Taste of New York-Style To Arlington
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Posted on October 25, 2022, October 25, 2022

It’s New York flavor in Texas! On this episode of Arlington Eats, host Jeremy Thomas takes you to Bay34th Street Diner, where you can experience a fast-casual New York-style diner with a modern urban twist.

“Bay 34th Street is my address in Brooklyn in Bensonhurst, said co-owner Tim Ajro. “I had a choice to open anywhere in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Arlington reminds me of Brooklyn, with all the mixed ethnicities here. I knew right away that this felt like home to me.”   

Ajro’s reach in the restaurant industry can be found across the country. Five years ago, he and a friend build Bay34th Street, with outdoor seating near the intersection of Matlock and Mayfield roads.

“I didn’t have a lot of breakfast experience. My background is more Italian cuisine. So, I kind of incorporated both the Italian and breakfast knowledge and then came up with menu that we currently have.”

A menu including sandwiches, crepes, omelets, chicken and waffles and a whole lot more. 

“My personal favorite is the Eggs Benedict. The bagels and the croissants are amazing here. We make everything from scratch. We make sure we use only the best quality. We don’t sell any pork here. We’re a Halal Kosher place. The beef we use is 100 percent beef bacon. The animal is slaughtered in humane way where it is not tortured,” Ajro said.

They’re serving delicious dishes but also provide a welcoming atmosphere. 

“We don’t want it just to be the food. We want you to come in and have a great experience. When you come in here. It doesn’t matter what race you are, where you come from, what your background is, you can come in here and feel like you’re at home,” Arjo said.

Paying homage to pop culture, New York and Biggie Smalls, Ajro says this was all a dream. One he is living right here in the American Dream City.

“Thanks to the support for our regular customers. Thank God we’re still doing great. We love this city. We support the Rangers and Cowboys. When games hit this is a huge tourist spot. We have people coming from all over. It feels like New York, like we’re in Manhattan. So, we’re truly grateful and we love this city.”

Bay34th Street Diner is located at 3300 Matlock Road, Ste 100. For operating hours and more information, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page

Food prepared at Bay34thStreet in Arlington.

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