Arlington Tomorrow Foundation Awards More Than $3.8 Million in FY2022
By Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
Posted on October 20, 2022, October 20, 2022

Tomorrow Foundation 2022 Annual Report

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation understands the art of philanthropy and how it contributes to a thriving Arlington.

Between May 2007 and September 2022, the foundation has awarded nearly 500 grants totaling approximately $42 million to local charities and City Departments who work each day to make Arlington vibrant and strong through educational and recreational opportunities, arts and culture, and social services.

In the past year alone, the endowment contributed nearly more than $3.8 million through 26 grants last fiscal year to enhance community enrichment and support a variety of charitable causes across The American Dream City.

The grants, both large and small, included $90,000 for the Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Cemetery Project, $50,000 for the Levitt Pavilion’s Share the Stage with local opening acts, $1.25 million for Alliance for Children’s Rebuilding Lives Capital Campaign which will expand Arlington’s child advocacy center, $25,000 for Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County, and $149,500 for Arlington Museum of Art’s recent Legends of Disney Exhibit and $190,500 for their upcoming A Knights Tale Exhibit. 

Other projects supported included those that aim to enhance the city's cultural and recreational opportunities, and to increase access to healthcare, food and affordable housing, and educational activities for disadvantaged youth. One of the grant recipients was for The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation, which received $12,800 for a Hope Squad Suicide Prevention Program for AISD schools.

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation continued its support of the Arlington Life shelter, with a $200,000 Road Home grant to help underwrite shelter services and programming to meet the needs of shelter clients. The foundation has also awarded a $10,000 grant to the Arlington Water Utilities for a Lake Arlington native Plant and Pollinator Garden to strengthen pollinator initiatives and provide opportunities for volunteers and students to learn about and participate in native prairie restoration.

Click here to read the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation's FY 2022 annual report.


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