Arlington Public Library Going Fine Free
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on October 06, 2022, October 06, 2022

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Say goodbye to overdue fines! As of Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, the Arlington Public Library is fine free. That means patrons will no longer be charged for returning APL items past their due date. All library card holders will be free to read, watch, and listen to items in our collections without fear of late fees.

Additionally, Arlington Public Library would like to welcome back patrons who have been unable to use the Library due to late fees. To make that happen, overdue fines currently on patrons’ accounts will be waived.

“This is a significant step in removing barriers to access. Becoming a fine-free library is our commitment to leveling opportunities for all patrons,” said Library Director Norma Zuniga. “By eliminating overdue fines, I hope we can reconnect with patrons who have not visited the library in a long time.”

The Arlington Public Library joins hundreds of libraries across the nation in removing fines to help eliminate financial barriers and provide more equitable service. Overdue fines have historically been used to encourage a library’s patrons to return items on time. However, the practice has been shown to most impact lower-income communities, creating a barrier to library services. By going fine free, APL hopes to encourage the community to take full advantage of all the Library has to offer.

The Arlington Public Library has more than 550,00 items—from books, audiobooks, and DVDs, to kits, Chromebook, hotspots, and more. Patrons are encouraged to abide by due dates and return their items on time to ensure others access to the collection.

Fees for damaged or lost items or any overdue charges for consortium or Interlibrary Loan items will still apply. Waives will only apply to overdue fees. As always, library staff is available to answer any questions you might have.

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