Inaugural Community Court Helps Arlington Residents Resolve Nearly 340 Unpaid Class C Misdemeanor Violations
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communication
Posted on September 28, 2022, September 28, 2022

Arlington Municipal Court

The Arlington Municipal Court was able to help residents resolve 338 unpaid Class C misdemeanor violations, including 262 of which were in warrant status, at the inaugural Community Court event.

The Arlington Municipal Court hosted the one-day, walk-in event on Aug. 31 at the East Library and Recreation Center to help individuals overcome financial or other barriers that may have been keeping them from resolving their citations and to connect them with available resources to improve their quality of life.

Some eligible low-income individuals were able to resolve their citations by completing programs that include obtaining a GED or learning computer skills. Other opportunities included connecting those without a driver’s license or vehicle insurance with the City’s Via Rideshare public transportation service to avoid receiving future traffic citations and working with a participating nonprofit to get their pet spayed or neutered and up-to-date on its vaccines. Government and non-profit agencies, including Mission Arlington, Goodwill North Central Texas, Destiny Empowerment Enterprises, Via Rideshare, the Arlington Public Library, and the Arlington Housing Authority, were on onsite to assist individuals in need.

“Overall, it was great to see the number of individuals helped at the event. Our community partners signed people up that day for job placement, community service, G.E.D. classes and more. They also distributed food and other resources to people in need in our community. Based on the overall success, we are hopeful to host another Community Court event in the coming months,” said Associate Municipal Judge Danielle Dulaney.

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